Crispy Roasted Chickpeas

My friend Dafna from INNA jam told me one of her favorite party snacks is crispy roasted chickpeas and I would agree. Also, you can define "party" as a lot of people coming over to your place or as a night to yourself with a thrilling book. We won't judge because there's a good chance we are doing the same. Proportions below are as per Dafna's expert recipe. 

Also, I saw conflicting advice online about if you should season the chickpeas before you roast them or after you roast them so I tried both. If you toss the chickpeas with spices after roasting, the Piment d'Ville's flavor is a bit stronger and fresher, but roasting the chickpeas with the spices was also delicious. Just make sure you towel dry the chickpeas well to get a full crunch!

  1 can of chickpeas or dry chickpeas you've already cooked
  A few glugs of good olive oil
  Plenty of salt
  Hella Smoky Piment d'Ville
  A bit of onion powder
  A lot of garlic powder
  Some ground coriander 


Heat oven to 400 degrees. Strain the chickpeas from their liquid and dry thoroughly on a towel to ensure they will get crispy. Dump chickpeas onto a baking sheet and toss with a good amount of olive oil and all the spices. Bake for 20 minutes or until fully crisp. These are best to eat within the evening, but we don't think that should be a problem.