Corn with Chile-Lime-Honey Butter

Even if the butter is melty and running through my fingers, this is the kind of corn I want to eat every day in the summer. Try making it with any of our chile powders depending on if you want a roasted green chile flavor, a hot hot flavor, or a rich and smoky flavor.

1/4 cup butter
1 TBSP honey
1/2 tsp Piment d’Ville (our preference is for Smoky) or Poblano (1/4 tsp if you use Comapeño)
A bit of lime zest and a squeeze of lime juice 
Fresh ears of corn 
Flaky salt to finish

Melt butter and Boonville Barn chile powder of choice in a small pot over low heat. Add honey and lime juice/zest and turn off the heat. Mix ingredients together with a spoon or whisk so that the honey and Piment melt into the butter. If making this ahead of when corn is cooked, slowly reheat before using. This makes a melted butter to drizzle over the corn. If you are more interested in a spreadable butter for your corn, gently warm up the honey, lime, and chile powder and whisk it into room temperature butter in a bowl not on the stovetop. This should leave you with a more spreadable butter.

It's a choose your own adventure with how you want to cook the corn. Maybe you like to grill it. Or maybe you only boil it. Or maybe you're the kind of person who likes turning their oven on in the summer to roast it. However you end up cooking it, use a spoon or pastry brush and add a nice coat (or large drizzle) of honey butter to the corn. Finish with a bit more Piment and some flaky sea salt. Make sure to eat the corn while everything is still nice and hot.