Southern Fried Chicken

Note: This recipe calls for you to brine chicken for 2 hours and then marinate overnight. Make sure you have to time allotted to do so. The flavors do not disappoint. 

For the brine:
1 chicken, whole - cut into 8 pieces (if you prefer to not break down a chicken yourself, you can use 8 various pieces of chicken)
1 cup kosher salt
1/2 cup sugar
1 Tbsp onion powder
1 Tbsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp Piment d'Ville
8 quarts water
2 1/2 quarts ice

For the marinade:
3 eggs
1 Tbsp comapeño 

For the seasoned flour:
2 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp black pepper
2 tsp ground thyme
2 Tbsp onion powder
2 Tbsp garlic powder

To Fry:
Peanut or other high temperature cooking oil

To brine the chicken, bring the salt, sugar, spices and water to a boil. Let cool. Pour into a large container with the ice. Submerge the chicken in the brine for 2 hours. It is best to do this in the fridge. Remove chicken from brine, rinse off chicken with cold water, and pat dry with paper towel. Discard brining liquid. Place pieces of chicken into a large stainless steel or glass dish. Crack 3 eggs over chicken and add comapeño. Mix thoroughly by hand to break yolks and coat chicken. Marinate in fridge overnight. 

To prepare chicken, preheat oil in cast iron pot or home deep fryer to 375 degrees. In a large mixing bowl, prepare the seasoned flour by mixing all ingredients together. Remove chicken pieces from marinade and dredge each piece in seasoned flour. Coat lightly. Arrange coated chicken pieces on a wire rack on a cookie sheet in a single layer with room between them and freeze for 10-15 minutes, just long enough to freeze the coating and skin, but not the meat. 

To cook, carefully place chicken into hot oil and cook for 15-20 minutes, depending on size, until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Rotate pieces halfway through cooking. Maintain a frying temperature of 350 degrees. Do not overcrowd the fryer. Remove chicken from fryer and place on a cooling rack on a cookie sheet to drain excess oil and maintain crispness. Season with finishing salt if desired. Serve immediately. 

Chef Amy Sins is a born-and-raised South Louisiana girl with Cajun and Creole cooking woven into her culinary DNA. In 2012, Chef Amy opened Langlois – her dream restaurant, an endeavor that seeks to preserve Louisiana cuisine through interactive dining demonstrations and classes. Since then, Langlois has received local, regional and national praise, including selection as one of the “Best Cooking Schools Around the World” by Travel + Leisure.