Happy almost Thanksgiving! What a year it has been! Over the summer, Gideon and I were sitting on our porch thinking about what Thanksgiving would look like in November. Normally the two of us are tasked with cooking a big meal for all our family that ventures to CA from the Midwest. We knew this year would be different and we wanted to put something special together for y’all. We got in touch with our friends over at ENZO Olive Oil Company, Jacobsen Salt Co., and Pasturebird to bring you the Thanksgiving Chicken Change-Up.

Delivered to your door, The Thanksgiving Chicken Change-Up has all the fixings for a delicious roasted chicken Thanksgiving dinner (all you need to add is lemons, garlic, and potatoes!) And yes we said chicken!

With smaller gatherings, you can curb the stress of cooking a twenty-pound turkey, and instead, delight in the preparation of a curated meal featuring exceptional provisions from some of the finest producers on the West Coast. With 4 pieces of half chicken, you can cook as much or as little as you need. A half chicken serves 2 to 3 people so there’s enough chicken in here to feed anywhere from 1-10 people. Put what you don’t need in the freezer and enjoy the 45 minutes it’ll take to cook this year's dinner!

What's in the Chicken Change-Up?

The Thanksgiving Chicken Change-Up can be purchased through Pasturebird for $109 (shipping included). Orders ship out each Monday from October 19 through November 16.
Whether this is your first attempt to cook a holiday bird or your 50th, the Chicken Change-Up makes this year's Thanksgiving stress free. Plus, because you don’t have to start cooking the Turkey at noon you’ll have ample time for other things - like helping your family mute and unmute themselves on video chat. 

We’re also putting together a series of Instagram Live videos to showcase the producers in this box. Follow us @pimentdville for more details to understand what it means to raise chickens on pasture in Southern California, mill olives in the Central Valley, and produce chile powders in Northern California. When you sit down for your Thanksgiving meal, you can share the stories of the people and ingredients that went into making your meal one to remember. 

We hope you enjoy this alternative Thanksgiving with us,

Krissy and Gideon