FINALLY! After stringing you all along for a few months (sorry about that…) WE’VE GOT NEW GOODS FOR YOU! We’ve got TWO new chiles! We’ve got olive oil! We’ve got popcorn!

And you’re the first to know about all of these Boonville Barn Collective goods! We have limited quantities of ALL of these items - if everyone on our newsletter purchases something we WILL sell out! Get them while they're hot (some pepper farmer humor for ya!).

Image of Comapeño and Poblano 2 packs!     Image of Dakota Black Popcorn

Image of Boonville Barn Collective Olive Oil

Boonville Barn Collective Poblano and Comapeño 2 packs:
A spicy wild Mexican chile from the Veracruz Mountains and the Poblano walk onto our farm. And the results are delicious!

Dakota Black Popcorn:
Grown here on our farm Dakota Black has a deep glossy black kernel that pops a hearty (and delicious) white.

Boonville Barn Olive Oil:
Alright. It's back! In 2018 a late freeze killed most of the olive blossoms in the Anderson Valley. After a 2 year hiatus our olive oil (grown on our farm!) is back! The new, smaller, 16 oz bottle is READY for your kitchen!

We’ve got different bundles of all our goods up on the website, and even something we’re calling The Party in Your Pantry where you can pick up one of everything we grow. 

Also, we’re stoked on the new recipe cards we printed (especially the Comapeño Carne Adovada, which you should probably make for dinner the day that your Comapeño chile comes in the mail). We’re including them in each order that goes out so make sure to check your box for something new to make. We’re continually updating and adding new recipes to our website and encourage you to check it out if you’re having trouble thinking of what to make next. With the help of some friends from Eat Retreat, we have 10 recipes to help you use our new Comapeño chile. Can’t figure out how to enjoy the Poblano - we’re working on recipes for that as we speak! 

We hope you like the new Boonville Barn Collective products as much as we do. Give us a shout and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you. Send a message to

Thanks for being a part of the Piment d’Ville & Boonville Barn Collective community and supporting farmers and small food businesses in California. We appreciate you!

Krissy and the Piment d’Ville Crew

P.S. The 2020 chiles are germinating right now. Follow us on our social to see their progress!