The Anderson Valley thrives on tourism and without visitors things are … pretty quiet. In an effort to help support other Valley-based (and just outside the valley) businesses and offer what I’m calling something like “virtual tourism,” we’ve put together a way for you to enjoy the flavors of Mendocino County in the comfort of your own home. Whether you found Piment d’Ville on a trip to the Coast, while visiting your favorite Anderson Valley winery, or online and never heard about the Anderson Valley until this moment right now, the Taste of Mendocino County Box is your chance to see what our little valley is all about.

What’s inside the box:
Jam from The Apple Farm in Philo, olive oil from either Bramble Family Farms or Filigreen Farms here in the valley, Black Oak Coffee Roasters Heartwood blend, Lover’s Lane wildflower honey, roasted mixed nuts from Chef Perry Hoffman at the Boonville Hotel, and of course, a jar of Piment d’Ville.

What to do while enjoying the box:
Okay, so I’m not an expert tour guide, but I do think that this is a great way (or at least a silly way) to get a sense of Mendocino County from afar. I’ve put together a few different things to watch while eating your way through the Taste of Mendocino County.

Listen to Mendocino County Line by Willie Nelson

Jump on Highway 128 from Cloverdale to Boonville or Mendocino to somewhere in Sonoma County. 

Learn about Redwood Burls at Hendy Woods State Park

Listen to humpback whale sounds from the Monterey Bay Aquarium (we’ve got these whales up here too!)

Say a quick “Hi!” to all of the wineries here in the Anderson Valley

Catch a look at the community here in Boonville from the Anderson Valley Variety Show held in early March. (Note: It’s not a talent show - its a variety show)

Watch Goodbye World (on YouTube) or Need for Speed (on Netflix) to see some Anderson Valley landscape cameos 

Jump on the Skunk Train up in Fort Bragg!

We're hearing rumblings that the county may be opening up soon. While things are sure to be different when they do we're looking forward to having some of the summer life return to the Valley. Whether you're longing for a tastes of our best, looking for a tease before you come up or looking for a way to remember your trip we'll ship the Taste directly to your door. We here at the Boonville Barn Collective and all of our fellow farmers and producers in the Valley appreciate your support, and look forward to safely welcoming you back into our community soon!

-Krissy and the Boonville Barn Collective Team