Here in Boonville we’re always trying to find ways to make our farm-to-jar chile powders more accessible to folks. Sometimes it can be intimidating to try new spices that aren’t generally listed in recipes. Our Comapeño chile powder and Piment d’Ville chile powder are no exception here and we understand it can be overwhelming to figure out how to use them! We took these two chile powders and combined them with different California harvested sea salts to produce chile sea salts for folks who need a bit more coaxing in the kitchen to try some less common chile powders.

The Piment d’Ville Chile Sea Salt takes our Piment d’Ville chile powder and a fine grain sea salt from San Francisco Salt Co. to create a classic all-purpose seasoning salt. Think of it as your salt and pepper all mixed into one jar! If you are looking to add a bit more flavor to your cooking without going overboard, Piment d’Ville Chile Sea Salt can be used in any recipe where plain salt is called for. It has mild chile undertones and is best used by seasoning ingredients before they are cooked.

The Comapeño Chile Sea Salt is a total sleeper hit. It’s an under the radar, absolutely incredible salt that once folks try it are absolutely hooked! For this salt, we mix our Comapeño Chile Powder with Pacific Flake sea salt from Samoa, California (a few hours north of us!). The wetter consistency of this big flakey salt sucks up the heat of the Comapeño chile powder and it gets infused with the citrusy heat of this special pepper. The Comapeño Chile Sea Salt is best used as a finishing salt to add heat and saltiness once something is already cooked. It’s a random combination, but it’s truly delicious on top of steamed broccoli!