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Chile Preserve Trio

Chile Preserve Trio


This three pack includes (1) 8oz Citrus and Chile Marmalade, (1) 10oz Strawberry & Chile Jam, and (1) 10oz Spicy Tomato Preserve.

Perfect for spicing up your mornings, cheese plates, glazes, and cocktails. The applications for these three is only limited by your imagination.

The Citrus & Chile Marmalade is packed with hand cut lemon rind, oranges, and our Piment d’Ville chile powder. Tastes of: deep citrus ~ lingering chile heat ~ tad bitter ~ tinge sweet. 

The Strawberry & Chile Jam is made with California organic strawberries, sugar, pectin, lemon juice, and of course, Piment d'Ville. Tastes of: sweet strawberries ~ lingering chile heat at the end.

The Spicy Tomato Preserve is made with peak season organic Early Girl tomatoes from Petaluma and our Comapeño chile powder. There's a bit of sugar in here, but not as much as a tomato jam. Tastes of: spicy citrusy chile and savory summer tomatoes. 

Curious about why we've ventured into Jams and Marmalade's? Check out this blog post from last year.