Pinto Beans

Pinto Beans


2020 was our first year growing pinto beans and they are creamy, flavorful, and super quick to cook. I like to rinse them off and pop them straight into a pot of water with some garlic cloves, bay leaves, oregano, and whole chiles. I bring them to a boil for a few minutes and then let them simmer till they are soft. You won't need to soak these beans overnight but a few hours will help cut the cooking time down to less than 2 hours. 

Pinto Beans work great in Comapeño Spiked Beans and in Charro Beans (but you don't need to soak them overnight like the recipe says since they are fresh!).

Pinto beans made up for almost 50% of the 2020 bean harvest here on the farm. 

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