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Comapeño Flaky Salt

Comapeño Flaky Salt


For some people, Piment d’Ville isn’t spicy enough. If that’s you, then Comapeño is the chile you need. Comapeño chiles are rare, wild chiles from Mexico that grown in the Veracruz Mountains. We found some seeds, tried them out, and immediately learned how special this chile is. 

Its HOT. It’s citrusy and a little acidic. It’s a beautiful color. Did we say that it is HOT? The citrusy and acidic notes are especially noticeable in our Comapeño Salt. We blend the Comapeño with incredible salt from Pacific Flake (go check them out!), a small salt producer from Humboldt County, CA, a few hours north of Boonville. They take incredible pride in the work they are doing and we’re happy to have them in our jars. This is a super flaky salt that is best used as a finishing salt, not to season your food while cooking. 

Comapeño salt comes in a 2.5 oz glass jar. Comapeño in this salt was harvested in Fall 2021. 

Quick Comapeño Salt Uses: best used as a finishing salt for corn, guacamole, eggs, toast, and steaks. Also, it is delicious on steamed broccoli.