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Piment d'Ville Chile Sea Salt
Piment d'Ville Chile Sea Salt

Piment d'Ville Chile Sea Salt


**This is our last run of the Piment d'Ville Sea Salt as we will no longer be making this product! With the increase price of salt, it just isn't worth it on our end. Grab it while you can!**

Looking for a way to salt and pepper your food in one go? Try out our Piment d’Ville Salt! This is one of our few products used with off-farm ingredients (Sorry y’all - we’re not going to start evaporating our own sea water any time soon. Turns out, it’s a LOT of work). It is a blend of San Francisco Salt Co.’s Pure Sea Salt and our own Piment d’Ville. 

This is more of an all-purpose salt than a finishing salt. It is great to use as a rub for meats and on freshly popped popcorn. If you like to just throw one thing into your food when cooking, this is the thing for you! If not, that’s ok! We recommend trying a little first to understand how salty and spicy it is as we sometimes forget that there’s salt in there too and make things a little too salty. 

Piment d’Ville Salt comes in a 4 oz glass jar. Piment d’Ville in this salt was harvested in 2021.

Quick PDV Salt Uses: Use as a rub on steaks, add a pepper and salt combo to finish dishes, and for seasoning vegetables when cooking.