I tried writing this newsletter last week when I was feeling overwhelmed by how hard COVID-19 is hitting the food industry. Then, on Wednesday I got up and logged into our website analytics software and thought that something was wrong as we had much more web traffic than normal. 

Turns out, Mackenzie Fegan over at Bon Appetit Magazine decided to curate a lovely list of “Where to Order Your Favorite Pantry Staples Online” and we made the cut! This turned my day around and to celebrate I put on real pants and even some makeup because it truly felt like a win. If you’re looking to stock your pantry with quality ingredients, the BA list is a good place to start. 


The Good Food Foundation also put together a list of food businesses that are shipping their goods (some with promotions) during the pandemic. It’s a solid list of great companies. Check it out and support the small folks out there! I’m happy to provide my recommendations of products on the list if you need help deciding. 

Before COVID, The Chefs’ Warehouse sold exclusively to restaurants (This is how we sell to restaurants). Now, they are making home deliveries of foods previously only available for chefs in different parts of the country. They are updating their selections constantly and are working to add even more parts of the country to their home delivery program. Visit their website to see if you’re in their delivery area! 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by decisions at this point, check out Ben2Table. This is a curated monthly subscription box that is a mix of pantry staples and specialty ingredients. You can also make a one time purchase of their food boxes and a few things are available on their own. Each month, Ben curates a mix of goods themed on one cuisine in the Delicacies box. It is definitely worth checking out!

Also - shameless self promotion - go buy some chiles or olive oil from us. We’d really appreciate it. If it’s an incentive - we only have about 40 jars of Poblano powder left and won’t have more until October. Try it while you can.