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Chile Jam and Marmalade Duo
Chile Jam and Marmalade Duo

Chile Jam and Marmalade Duo


Can't decide between our Citrus and Chile Marmalade or Strawberry & Chile Jam? Why not both!

This two pack includes (1) 8oz Citrus and Chile Marmalade and (1) 10oz Strawberry & Chile Jam.

Perfect for spicing up your mornings, cheese plates, glazes, and cocktails. The applications for these two is only limited by your imagination.

The Citrus & Chile Marmalade is packed with hand cut lemon rind, oranges, and our Piment d’Ville chile powder. Tastes of: deep citrus ~ lingering chile heat ~ tad bitter ~ tinge sweet. 

The Strawberry & Chile Jam is made with California organic strawberries, sugar, pectin, lemon juice, and of course, Piment d'Ville. Tastes of: sweet strawberries ~ lingering chile heat at the end.

Curious about why we've ventured into Jams and Marmalade's? Check out this blog post from last year.