grown on our farm in Boonville, CA

Habanero Chile Powder
Habanero Chile Powder
Habanero Chile Powder

Habanero Chile Powder


Habanero chiles are known for their extreme heat and fruity flavors. The variety of habanero we chose to grow has much more fruity flavor than heat and is actually super mild! If you’ve been wary of the heat that habaneros hold, our low heat powder will get you hooked with its tropical vibes.

Flavor Profile.

  • Notes: fruity ~ sour pineapple ~ mild heat
  • Use like: when you want habanero flavor but none of the heat
  • Use on: fresh ceviche, cheese and bean quesadilla with avocado and mango salsa, maybe even a stone fruit galette or on grilled peaches, definitely on grilled chicken
  • SHU: 330 (1% of the heat of a classic Habanero!)
  • 100% pure California Grown NuMex Suave Orange Habanero Chile Powder

Size: One .75 ounce jar of California grown habanero chile powder

Farm to jar chile powder from the 2021 harvest.

  • Farmed with organic growing practices and sun ripened throughout the season, these chiles were hand harvested in the fall of 2021
  • Store in a cool place out of the sun and heat to retain maximum flavor and freshness
  • Read more about the NuMex Suave Orange variety from the NM Chile Pepper Institute

Grown in Boonville, CA on our small, woman-owned farm.