grown on our farm in Boonville, CA

Tolosa Black Beans

Tolosa Black Beans


2021 was our inaugural harvest of these beautiful Tolosa Black Beans, a bean hailing from the Spanish part of Basque Country. Known as olosako babarruna (alubias de Tolosa), these beans are revered in País Vasco, complete with a week long celebration, secret societies dedicated to preparing them, and an association responsible for administering who can grow the beans (in Spain).

Appearing black at first, when we harvested these in the field the sun shown their true color as a deep purple. Often times we'd stop to just appreciate how beautiful they are!

Served in Spain as a simple side dish with friends - just beans and olive oil - we suggest experimenting, trying them on their own, or using them as a 'regular' black bean in your next preparation.

These beans are from the 2022 season and each bag is 1 pound.

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