grown on our farm in Boonville, CA

Wholesale Orders

Hello! Thanks so much for your interest in bringing our Boonville grown, farm-to-jar chiles to your store or restaurant. 

For outstanding invoices, please send checks to:
PO Box 7
Boonville CA

While working as a chef at the Boonville Hotel and putting Piment d'Espelette on everything, I (Krissy) realized a local option would be better all around from a flavor and cost perspective. That was 2011 and we’ve been growing unique chile powders ever since.

Our farm is one of the few sources for farm-to-jar, domestically sourced chile powders. In an industry dominated by a commodity market and massive exports, we own all parts of our supply chain, and take great care managing the process from planting seeds to growing to harvesting to packaging.


Being able to share these incredible flavors with restaurant chefs and home cooks alike is really important to us. To do so, we have 5 different ways you can purchase our products. 

For Restaurants: The best way to purchase Chef’s Packs of Piment d’Ville is via The Chefs Warehouse. If you are not a Chefs Warehouse customer or are interested in purchasing more than Piment d’Ville, send an email to for a list of what bulk chile powders and whole dried chiles we have available as well as pricing. If you just want to try a few things in smaller quantities, you can purchase them directly from our website.

For Retail Shops: Our products are available through 3 different channels - via Faire, Mable, and directly from us. There are some products only available through direct purchases via email (sometimes we have really small harvests!). Reach out to for our current availability and price list. Links to our Faire and Mable sites are below. By clicking the link here on our website, no commission is taken by Faire/Mable on the order and we appreciate you doing so!

We process most orders in 1-3 days. Large orders may have a higher lead time. We ship via UPS or USPS, generally going with the cheapest shipping option. If you have questions about any of our products you are interested in or may have already purchased, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via

Looking for more info about products you purchased for your shop? We’ve put together a whole Product Information Kit to help you. It’s filled with product images, tasting notes, recipe ideas, and sample social posts. Reach out to for the link!

Thanks so much for bringing our farm’s harvest into your shop or restaurant and being part of our community. We hope your customers love our farm-to-jar spices and find a new favorite flavor for their kitchen.

Krissy & Gideon
Boonville Barn Collective

P.S. Connect with us on IG and tag @boonvillebarn when you add our products to your shelves or menu! Use the tag #farmtojarspices or #directfromboonville too!