Wholesale Orders

Our farm is one of the few sources for farm-to-jar, domestically sourced chile powders. In an industry dominated by a commodity market and massive exports, we own all parts of our supply chain, and take great care managing the process from planting seeds to growing to harvesting to packaging.

All orders are shipped from our farm office in Boonville, CA.

Contact orders@boonvillebarn.com to learn more.

What is available via wholesale?

We have bulk packs and retail packs of our whole dried chiles, chile flakes, and chile powders. Availability changes throughout the year since. When we sell out of different chiles we have to wait till the next fall’s harvest to be able to produce more. Each wholesale platform offers a different product mix. The largest selection is available directly from us. Reach out for current price and availability lists.

Does it make a difference where I order from?

It depends on what works best for you. We just ask that if you order through Faire or Mable, you use our direct links so that the platforms don’t take a commission from your order. 

Can you send me more information about your products?

Shoot us an email and we will send over our Product Info Guide that includes images, flavor descriptions, and recipe ideas to help market our products. Or visit the product page for the chile you are interested in to learn more about the flavor. 

How do I pay for my order?

We accept ACH or a check made out to Boonville Barn Collective sent to PO Box 7 Boonville, CA 95415. We do not accept credit cards.

How long will it take for my wholesale order to ship?

Lead time for orders is 2-7 days depending on your order. We pack up custom orders of bulk chiles each Wednesday and ship by Thursday. 

Can you put together corporate gift boxes or other special orders?

Yes! If you are looking to put together boxes for clients, employees, or even wedding guests, reach out and we can figure something out!

Do you sell fresh chiles?

We do not. We only sell dried chiles. Sorry!