grown on our farm in Boonville, CA

Peruano Beans

Peruano Beans


These 1 pound bags of Peruano beans are from the fall 2022 harvest. 

While crop planning for 2020, I asked Nacho if there was anything he wanted us to start growing. Without hesitation he said Peruano beans. These beans are a staple in Mexican cooking (especially in Michoácan, Jalisco, and Guanajuato) and go by many names including mayocoba, canaria, and azufrado. Historically, they date back to being one of the oldest cultivated beans in the Americas and were first grown in Peru. 

These super creamy beans will break down the longer you cook them and are the ultimate bean to use while making refried beans. When cooking a big pot of Peruano beans, we like to add Mexican Oregano, some cloves of garlic, a small chopped onion, and a few whole dried yahualica chiles. Make sure to wait and salt the beans once they are fully cooked.

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