This year, we want to make things easy for you. That's why we’ve put together a bunch of gift packs and bundles to help you find something for everyone on your list! 



For those who love to try new things: Piment d’Ville Collection - Our Piment d’Ville line up of classic, smoky and spicy is ready for gifting in it’s new and beautifully illustrated box! This will be ready to ship at the end of November. 

For celebrating new beginnings: The Pantry Starter Bundle - Our classic bundle of Olive Oil, Piment d’Ville, and Piment d’Ville Sea Salt is perfect for folks celebrating new homes, new companions, or a new love of cooking

 For low key nights at home: Movie Night Popcorn Pack - Popcorn and seasonings to go with your favorite film

 For the sodium enthusiasts Salty Duo - Two types of chile salts for all kinds of cooking

For stocking the pantry: Magical Fruit Bulk Box - 4 pounds of beans that we threshed by bike! 

 For the folks that like it extra hot: Hot and Spicy Bundle - The spiciest peppers we grow! 

 For people who are really upping their cooking game: Party in Your Pantry! - A little bit of everything we produce here on the farm from chiles to popcorn to olive oil

 For the die hard fans and folks up for adventure: The Boon Box - Our new subscription box delivered 3 times a year! There are a bunch of things that we grew this year that are only available in these boxes! 


Important things to note!

Deadlines for orders 

Our last day to order for holiday shipments is Monday, December 14! This gives us time to get orders packed and shipped out and have plenty of time to get to you. Make sure to get your orders in sooner rather than later!

Adding a gift message

You will be prompted to add a gift message to your order after an item is added to your cart. We hand write notes for every order and are happy to write whatever message you’d like to send to the recipient. If you miss this step when making a purchase, you can reply to your order confirmation with the note you’d like to send and we’ll make sure it gets added to your gift!

Sending gifts to multiple people: While it’s a bit more work on your end, we ask that you complete separate orders for gifts you are sending to different people. That way, tracking for each package is tied directly to the order it is for and we can ensure that everything is sent to where it’s supposed to be.

Have questions? Shoot us a message at and we'll help you out!