It’s been a wild summer here in Boonville. From dealing with 100 degree heat for multiple days, precipitation light / lightning heavy storms in August, managing harvests during a pandemic, and thick smoky air from the surrounding fires - it was a month. But most importantly...

two jars of poblano chile powder


The first batch of poblano peppers were harvested Wednesday, August 19 in the early morning before the heat of the day kicked in. Fourteen days from farm to jar and available to you? I feel like that’s a record!

poblano chiles after harvest

What is it?

A generally mild pepper, Poblanos range from 1,000 - 2,000 on the Scoville Heat Scale (about half the spiciness as our 2019 Espelette). When ripened to red and dried, the Poblano is sold as Ancho Peppers. Our dried Poblano can be used interchangeably. If you're used to working with dried whole peppers, our dried Poblano powder has a shorter re-hydration time than traditional dried peppers. It's used throughout Mexican cuisine as a base for many sauces and we've enjoyed experimenting with additional ways to use it! 

So how do you use it?

The mild heat of the Poblano is packed with vegetal green chile flavors that smells and tastes like freshly roasted Poblanos coming off the grill. The powder is packed with a smoky flavor, hints of sweetness, balanced with just the right amount of spice. It is, in a word, delicious.

Quick Ideas!

Sprinkle on freshly sliced tomatoes or on a bowl of just popped buttery popcorn. Melt together some butter and Poblano and drizzle on an ear of corn. Add it to sour cream for a Poblano crema to top your nachos or taco salad. Use it in poblano mac and cheese.

What We're Cooking:

We’ve got 2 BRAND NEW RECIPES to help you easily enjoy our 2020 Poblano.

poblano corn cake


poblano avocado dressing

Poblano Corn Pancakes - These savory cornbread pancakes kissed with green chile and served with a fried egg can be eaten at any time of the day. 

Avocado Poblano Dressing - The perfect salad dressing for all the cucumbers and tomatoes popping in the garden. It also works well as a dip. And! It’s vegan!