The Dinner Party Project: A No-Stress Guide to Food With Friends


The Dinner Party Project by Natasha Feldman encapsulates one of our core values - bringing people together around the dinner table and sharing a meal together. This book is great for people well versed in hosting dinner parties as well as people who might be nervous to invite people over for dinner. It is complete with flow charts for helping pick menus based on your comfort level in the kitchen and even gives tips for how to host a dinner party (like asking people to bring things!). 

"Ever since I got my first batch of chili powders from Boonville Barn Collective in 2021 I have not gone a day without their chili powders blessing my spice drawer! Their vibrantly colored powders range from mild, deep and limey to hot, bright and umami. I'm a bit fanatical when it comes to finishing my dishes with chili flakes, so much so that my friends tend to make fun of me... but you'll see, once you get your hands on these you'll feel the same way too!" - From Natasha Feldman (!)

May we recommend the Hot Dog Soup, Fancy Marinated Olives with Warm Feta, Smoky Paprika Potato Crisps & Aoili, Smoky Spicy Seared Fish Tacos, Lemony Paprika Lentil Soup, Roasted Veg Parade, or Churro Hot Chocolate?