We did it! Harvest is finally over. The chile plants have been mowed down, we're getting our cover crop in the ground, and we're putting the farm to bed for a few months to let the soil recharge.

We did the math and this year we harvested 30 tons of fresh chiles. 30 TONS! A whole 7 tons more than last year and let me tell you, my body can feel those extra 7 tons. It's a mind blowing number to me especially since we pick every single one of those chiles by hand. We're still finishing up getting everything processed and dried but we're ready to go with a few things just as November turns to December - 2022 harvest of Spicy and Classic Piment d'Ville! Chile flakes! Mole kits!

We believe deeply in the power of sharing a meal with the folks you love, whether that is family or chosen family or friends. This winter, we hope you find time to gather with those you care about around a delicious meal that *hopefully* includes some of our Boonville grown chiles. And if you need some cooking ideas, head to the recipe section of our website. We've got some new dishes on there, as well as some classics, that you won't want to miss.

 Chile Flakes for all heat levels!

Y'all LOVED our Calabrian Chile Flakes last year and we're so glad to have this year's harvest ready for you in our new Chile Flake Trio!
And along with the medium heat Calabrian flakes, we've got 2 other chile flakes previously only available as whole dried chiles!
Red Serrano chile flakes come in at a super mild heat while Yahualica Chile de Arbol are a high heat chile. 

We've bundled these 3 jars of chile flakes together for the perfect trio. For the next few weeks, the trio will be the only way to get our Calabrian chile flakes. Once our lid shipment arrives (lol) we will have them all available by the jar!
Staff Recommendations for Gifting
We're a small team here at Boonville Barn and we all use our chiles in different ways. We hope these ideas are helpful!
2 people eating corndogs at a fair two people fishing at the ocean
[Gideon and Krissy at the Mendocino County Apple Fair // Alejandro and Nacho fishing in Fort Bragg]

I, Krissy, am very excited about the Chile Flakes Trio. Different meals call for different heat levels and these chiles account for all occasions. We've got some great new recipes (i.e. Garlic Knots and Roasted Fish!) to accompany these chiles too. I know that for some people, cooking with chile flakes can be less intimidating than chile powders and I hope these flakes help! I've also been reaching for Smoky Piment d'Ville on the regular.

Gideon: The older we get, the more we realize we're more like our parents than we care to admit (hi mom and dad!). We Burdick's tend to like our routines - our old standbys. And while I like almost everything we grow, the Boonville Barn Collection, featuring Piment d'Ville, Comapeño and Poblano is hard to beat. Comapeño chicken wings? Poblano Popcorn? Yes please!

In chatting with Nacho, he recommends Arcelia's Mole Kit - it's his wife's recipe! He also thinks you should make enchiladas with Whole Guajillo Chiles and Pork Pozole with Whole Cascabel Chiles.

Alejandro is partial to our Whole Guajillo Chiles for making Birria and likes to use Yahualica Chiles for hot salsas (during the growing season he also eats the hottest chiles we grow right off the plants). He also thinks Arcelia's Mole Kit is pretty great.
What We're Cooking + Holiday Prep

I'm a big fan of food related gifts especially if you can make something delicious and share with others. Here's some ideas for some homemade gifts to share!
  • Make a few batches of Piment d'Ville Snack Mix, pour them into big jars, and wrap a bow around the top. It's great to bring to holiday shindigs or as an on-hand gift in case you need one!
  • More into baking? Make a few Spiced Pumpkin Gingerbread Loaves, find some holiday plates, and bring them to people you love! It's a great afternoon snack with a warm cup of tea. 
  • We're rounding the corner into Hot Chocolate season and our Just A Little Spicy Hot Chocolate mix is a great thing to put together with a fun mug and some marshmallows. Want it to have a bigger kick? Use our Yahualica Chile Flakes or increase the amount of Piment d'Ville
  • No one will be upset if you show up with a bowl of Calabrian Chile Garlic Knots. In fact, I would encourage it.
  • If you lean savory, you could definitely make a few batches of Dried Chile Romesco Sauce, jar it up, and wrap a bow on it and remind the recipient to pop it in the fridge.