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I’m truly still in shock that 2 weekends ago, James Beard Award winning cookbook author Dorie Greenspan decided to use her monthly column in the Sunday New York Times Magazine to talk about Piment d’Ville and what we’re doing here in Boonville.

Dorie took the time to get to know me, understand what makes our farm special, and pair our story with an easy to make recipe to show folks what to do with Piment d’Ville. It feels like an incredible honor.

Dorie’s Sweet Potato Galette is a fun addition to your Thanksgiving, holiday or Friday night table! I’m highly averse to making dough (I do not consider myself a baker) but even I was able to make this pastry dough! The Piment d’Ville is mixed with cream cheese and spread on the cooked pastry dough as a thin layer of Pimento Cheese-like spread. Thin layers of apples and sweet potato are sliced and set atop the cheese. It all gets brushed with maple syrup and Piment d’Ville and becomes a truly sweet and savory pair.

Missed it in print? Read the article here and find the recipe here! (You may need a NYT/NYT Cooking subscription to access the links)

On Farming and Black Friday

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The Boonville Barn Collective is a woman-owned farm that’s been producing unique chile powders for 10 years in the resource-rich Anderson Valley of Northern California. Piment d’Ville is our signature, a domestic version of the coveted Basque Piment d’Espelette. We're honored to have you as a follower of the farm. If you're on Instagram, be sure to give us a follow and please do reach out if you have questions or feedback about anything we grow!

There’s SO much work that goes into making super fresh farm-to-jar spices and so much pedaling that goes into bike-threshing our beans. We’ve spent the past 9 months growing, harvesting, drying, grinding, and packing our chile powders, beans, and popcorn for you and we're excited to share the fruits of this year's labor!

We're putting the finishing touches on this year's crops and have most things ready to go. Our tiny team works incredibly hard and it doesn’t feel right to discount the work that we’ve put in all year as we release our 2021 products. We hope that (if you are able) you choose to support small businesses, like ours, this year in your gifting or choose to stock up on our products for yourself!

We’re about 90% done with our harvest here in Boonville. We have about 1 more day of harvesting chiles and we’re hoping to harvest our olives this week! It’s been a long but fruitful harvest season and we can’t wait to share this new batch with you.

What We're Cooking

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  • Dorie’s Sweet Potato Galette on repeat! I’ve made it 3 times so far!
  • Spatchcocked Chicken with Lemony Potatoes: If you don’t feel like cooking a whole turkey this year, try out this chicken! Glazing it with olive oil + Piment d’Ville leaves the chicken with an incredibly crispy, flavorful, and beautiful skin.
  • Spiced Pumpkin Gingerbread Loaf: My dear friend Clare wrote this recipe for us last year as I was craving pumpkin bread. Adding the Piment d’Ville gives it a little kick of heat and is truly a favorite. Bake one for yourself and one for your neighbors