The best from our farm delivered to your door 3x a year!

This has been a pretty wild past month. At this point, we have harvested somewhere around 15 tons of chiles and still have a solid amount to bring in from the fields. We've been working extremely hard to clean beans, process chiles, and make sure that we've got a solid variety of goods for y'all coming from this harvest and we hope you are getting excited.

And with that, it's time to open up subscriptions for our second year of the Boon Box - our 3x a year delivery of curated goods from our farm at a 10% discount!

** Note: The first box of the year ships in early December **

The Boon Box is the best way to enjoy everything we produce here in Boonville, including trial runs on spices we haven't shared before and small harvests of beans that we don't sell on our website!

We’ve timed the boxes to ensure you have a fresh and ready supply of our spices. We won’t overwhelm you with Piment, but instead share the bounty we have to offer!

Have we mentioned that this makes a great gift for friends and family for the holidays?

So what's in the box?

Each box is filled with an average of $50 worth of chile powders, beans, popcorn, chile salts, whole chiles, and other surprises we might have made with our chiles. We also write a zine for each box and include new and favorite recipes so you know how to use each item you receive.

This year's subscription will look similar to last year's with a few new additions. Here's what you can expect:

- Box 1 in December will contain the Piment d'Ville Collection Box from the 2021 harvest, 2 pounds of dry beans, and a pound of popcorn
- Boxes 2 and 3 in March and July will have a mix of Poblano chile powder, Comapeño chile powder, our chile salts, and whole dried chiles. They will be spaced out throughout the other two shipments in an effort to keep things interesting and balanced
- You'll receive at least 2 new chiles that may or may not be available for purchase outside of the box including a Calabrian Chile Flake and a Smoky Habanero Chile Flake (Pictures below!!)
- New recipes to continue giving you inspiration in the kitchen!
- Overall, folks will get 4-5 pounds of dry beans. If cooking and eating dry beans isn't your thing, we would recommend supporting us in a different way, or sharing with a friend

The important details

With your one time purchase, you will receive a box from us in December, March, and July filled with things we grew here on our farm.

In purchasing a subscription, you purchase our products at a 10% discount and help ensure we have the funds we need during our planning season in the winter as we figure out what the 2022 growing season will look like.

We have a limited number of subscriptions available and they will sell out.

Our first year of the Boon Box was a resounding success and if you need encouragement to sign up, here's what some of last year's subscribers had to say.

"It gave me something different to cook!"

"I loved getting sneak peaks of items before they were available or stuff with small yields that were exclusive to the box. Getting the story behind everything in the box made it that much better. The farm news was always so well written and honestly lovely!"

"I love chile powders and had tried yours, but I started to use it more often especially with your recipes and tips... Keep this up!"

"Love access to new products and items you typically sell out of."

"It motivated me to try new things. Now I look for bean recipes which is something I never did before!"

While we grew more chiles and beans this year to expand our subscriptions for the Boon Box, it's still pretty limited! If it seems like something you might be interested in, we recommend signing up now so you don't miss out. The number of subscriptions we sell is dependent on what we have harvested and there's some crops that just don't produce too much!

We hope that you're just as excited as we are about the Boon Box. We truly look forward to the days when our office is brimming with these boxes ready to ship out the door and the smile on our Post Office employee's faces when we have everything bagged up for them and ready to go!

Thanks for supporting our farm!

Gideon, Krissy, and Nacho