I'm writing this while enjoying an incredibly gorgeous and sunny day here in Boonville and I'm 100% positive that the sun and warmth has put everyone in a good mood. Which makes it a perfect day for a new chile!

Our newest chile from the 2023 harvest is ready for your spice drawer: It's Korean Gochugaru Chile Powder!

Chiles for Gochugaru were a new addition to the farm at the request of the Curio Spice team. The plants were fairly productive and we ended up with about 47 pounds of Gochugaru chile powder. The majority is set aside for Curio, but we've got a bit available for you too!

Gochugaru is one of the classic ingredients in a Korean kitchen, and in recent years gochugaru and gochujang (the fermented chile paste) have been having their moment across the U.S. There are generally two different types of gochugaru - a larger flake and a more fine powder.

We ground ours to be somewhere in the middle. It has a deep, earthy flavor whose heat hits towards the tip of the tongue and lingers. I just ate a bit straight. The earthy flavor is mellow and the heat definitely remains. We gave it 3 out of 4 stars on the heat scale.

I think our Gochugaru chile powder is a bit hotter than what you would purchase somewhere else, so be careful when following different recipes! Some will call for very large quantities of the chile powder and you can dial it down when using ours.

How to Use Gochugaru

here’s 2 recipe developer/cookbook writers that I’d recommend for Korean cooking. First, Eric Kim writes recipes for NYT Cooking and also has a great cookbook called Korean American. His recipes are less traditional but full of flavor. Second, Maangchi has over 6 million subscribers to her Youtube Channel where she posts videos of traditional Korean dishes. Her website is also packed with great recipes. 
That being said, you don't have to use gochugaru only in Korean food, but we wanted to give you a few places to get started.