The first few days of April were filled with sunshine, warmth, and the perfect amount of light for me to see all the cobwebs in my house. It is definitely time to clean out all the weird little nooks.

And with that, it’s time for some Spring Cleaning here on the farm, too!

We're clearing out our inventory of one of our classic chiles. Say goodbye to our Poblano Chile Powder. It was an absolute favorite for some! But last year we made the tough decision to let the poblano chiles fully ripen to Ancho chiles and Mulato chiles and we're not turning back.

Poblano chile powder will be on sale (and discounted!) until Monday April 15th. Plan accordingly!

What We're Cooking

NYT Skillet Chili: Last night we made a quick Skillet Chili with Tolosa Beans, McFadden Farm Oregano, and a mix of Smoky Piment d'Ville, Guajillo chile, and Comapeño chile. It was a perfect 30 minute meal for a night when we both had evening commitments!

Little Ham Sandwiches: My grandparents gift us a box of smoked meats each holiday season and on Sunday we cooked one of the hams. A 3-pound ham is far to much for a household of 2 but I was so pleased with our mini sandwiches of sliced warm ham, swiss cheese, a bit of arugula, and some dijonnaisse all on a King's Hawaiian roll.

Something to eat with friends: Last weekend we got together with some dear friends (Hi Dafna/Jesse/Kathryn/Robin!) for a really lovely dinner party. Dafna and Jesse cooked up an incredible feast of spinach Burek, lamb and beef meatballs, roasted pepper sauce, and roasted cauliflower, and potentially a few other things I'm forgetting. It was delicious. Once I find a close enough burek recipe, I'll share it. Also, invite your friends over for dinner! It's SO great to sit around a table late into the night catching up. I plan to do the same with my college friends this weekend (See you soon Alicia/Laura/Becca/Megan - we're having tostadas!)