First and foremost - if you’ve been waiting to order California grown spices and beans for your friends and loved ones for the holidays, we suggest you do. so. now! Everyone is starting to see shipping delays - the earlier we can get your order out, the better! 

The last day to order for holiday delivery will be Monday, December 14.

We’re planning to take a few days off to rest, recharge, and give our backs a break from getting all these orders out the door so we recommend ordering sooner rather than later. Anything ordered after December 14 will be shipped out at the end of the month. 

Second - A giant thank you!

Whether you’re new to our spices or have been with us since the start, I wanted to take a brief moment to extend my heartfelt thanks in supporting our farm, and bringing farm to jar spices, beans and olive oil into your kitchen.
We’ve been nearly overwhelmed by holiday orders, and in taking a moment to look back at the year I’m incredibly proud at what our team has accomplished. We work hard to grow delicious food in an organic fashion, but this year: 
  • We were able to keep everyone safe AND employed. We’re pretty blessed to be working outdoors and with the land.
  • On the farm, our average pay is around $22/hour (yes there are only 4 of us, but still!). We’re proud to pay both our team, and ourselves, wages that enable us to not just meet our basic needs, but care for our families, and communities as well.
We’ve figured some of our peers in the transparent spice world are buying their spices for around $0.34 a pound. We’re incredibly conscious of our pricing and know that it is much higher than that, but at the end of the day this price allows us to grow organically, in US soil, pay a living wage, and care for our local community. Put simply - cultivating community by nourishing the soul.
From our local community here in the valley, to the online community Krissy has built on Instagram, those that have emailed us better versions of our recipes, and everyone who now has a bit of our work in their kitchens - we really are honored and excited that you're a fan of what we've grown!
Some days it feels like Krissy and I have been at this for years, so as we close our first full year of running the ship here in Boonville, I wanted to share just how thankful I am for all of our supporters, both old and new. We’re excited for when the rains finally do come so we can plan for next year, and for learning, sharing, and cooking more delicious meals at your table, even if it's just in spirit!
Be safe and happy holidays!
P.S. For those following the bees. It’s with sad news that I report they departed the farm the week our skies turned orange due to the wildfires in the fall. I’m doubling down next year with two hives, and the amount of native wildflower seed we’ve bought is, well, several pounds worth! My dreams of hot honey just have to wait a bit longer.

What We're Cooking

bowl of white bean chili

  • White Bean Chili - I'll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of soups, but when made with fresh dry beans everything in this chili has texture, and the flavors are delicious. Perfect as we head towards snow and rain!
  • Spiced Pumpkin Gingerbread Loaf - This new addition to our recipe list is quick and easy to make, and flavorful for the whole family to enjoy. It’s a perfect afternoon pick-me-up snack or as the closer for fall dinners. 
  • Piment d'Ville Shakshuka - eggs, tomatoes, and crusty bread make for a delicious dinner or brunch. For those looking to up the spice level, additional Comapeño or Piment do just that.