It’s pretty hard to believe that the 2020 harvest is complete here in Boonville! While a strange year, it’s exciting to see our various storage containers full of pepper, popcorn and more! We expanded our bean production, including adding a few new varieties to the lineup and Nacho built a pretty incredible machine to thresh them with. We tried to grow more popcorn but were thwarted by crows. We added a few new chiles to test out and expanded production of Comapeño and Poblano - I think we’re getting closer to having a year's supply. And most importantly, our team has stayed healthy, we kept everyone employed - we’re all feeling pretty proud of what we have accomplished!

This past week the first rains came to the Valley and I think everyone breathed a big sigh. The pace of the valley is about to slow dramatically as the wineries have their harvests in, and everyone isn’t on edge about wildfires. As a native of the midwest where it’s possible we’d have had snow by now it’s still a bit strange to have the holidays come knocking when it’s in the 70’s (as it was yesterday), but nonetheless here we are! Our online store is packed and we can’t wait to share all of this years harvest with you.

From chile powders to dry goods to shirts and hats, we’re here to be your one stop shop for friends and family this year. There’s new bundles and gift sets on our site that are ready to ship out as well as new packaging on a few favorites (check out the new look of the Piment d’Ville Collection and our salts!).  We’re standing by to handwrite notes for your gift recipients and get these packages out the door! 

We won’t be running any sort of black Friday sale, but we’ll be back in your inbox a few days before our order deadline to share our harvest totals and wish you all a happy new year! 

Take care,
Krissy & Gideon

Deadlines for holiday orders

Our last day to order for holiday shipments is Monday, December 14! This gives us time to get orders packed and shipped out and give the folks at USPS plenty of time to get them to you. We suggest ordering sooner rather than later!

Inventory updates

BEANS! We’ve got LOTS of Pinto and Peruano beans for you this year! But the production of Sorana, Zolfini, and Controne beans was much less than we were hoping for. Right now, these 3 heirloom beans are only available in The Boon Box. Pinto and Peruano are available by the pound or in the Magical Fruit Bulk Box.

Even though we planted A LOT more popcorn this year, we have a limited supply available. As previously mentioned, the crows were equally excited that we planted more popcorn. Grab some now before it's too late.

man holding net filled with olives

And finally, a note on our Olive Oil. We’re down to our last case of 2019 olive oil! Unfortunately this will be the last oil we have until February 2022 (UGH!). That’s right - 2022.

Our olive trees got hit by some unfortunate weather in the spring that knocked off all the olive blossoms. This resulted in barely any fruit being produced on the trees and nothing really to harvest for oil. There’s oil set aside for any bundle that has a bottle in it, but this little bit that we have left will be the end of single bottle availability. Cross your fingers for better spring weather for us.

After we (hopefully) harvest next November the oil will sit for a few months to settle before being bottled and ready.

If you are looking for recommendations of other olive oil to purchase, we suggest: Bramble Family Farms from here in the Anderson Valley, and Fat Gold and ENZO Olive Oil Co a bit further afield in California. 

What We're Cooking

  • Spiced Pumpkin Gingerbread Loaf - This new addition to our recipe list is quick and easy to make, and flavorful for the whole family to enjoy. It’s a perfect afternoon pick-me-up snack or as the closer for fall dinners. 
  • Piment d’Ville Chile Cream - One of the original recipes that stands the test of time. This is our stand by during roasted potato season. It’s also a great alternative to gravy!
  • Just a little spicy hot chocolate - Add some spicy to your hot chocolate or give this mix as gifts to friends this year!
gingerbread pumpkin loaf