As the nights get colder here in Boonville, we’re nearing the end of the 2020 harvest. Our crops are looking great and we can’t wait to have everything available online soon! New bundles and gift packs for the holidays are in the works too. We'll be releasing our half ton of beans, threshed by bicycle powered thresher, our popcorn, and additional crops later in November - be on the lookout for first dibs via email!

Just a few Boon Boxes left!

If you are absolutely in love with everything we do here in Boonville, this box is for you. The Boon Box is packed with favorites from our farm along with things we’ve never shared before! It’s the best way to try out new peppers we’re adding to the lineup, all of our bean varieties, and ensure that your pantry is always stocked.

Our first ever multi-shipment box will be heading out the door the first week of December, just in time for the holidays. The other 2 shipments will arrive in March and July. Instead of making payments before each order, your upfront payment for the year allows us to have the capital we need during the winter to prep for 2021. Shipping is included in the price of the box. 

Forbes thinks you should have us over for Thanksgiving!

There’s still time to order the Thanksgiving Chicken Change-Up! We were recently featured on as the perfect option for a scaled-down yet festive meal. 

Delivered to your door, the Change Up serves up to 8 and, in addition to featuring salt, olive oil and spices (us!) from small scale producers, it highlights truly pasture raised chicken as a much more approachable (and delicious) main course to a pared down Thanksgiving. This box can be purchased through Pasturebird and is shipped nationwide weekly on Mondays. We already ordered ours :) 

We got merch!


Treat yourself to our new line of Boonville Barn Collective wearables including t-shirts, baseball hats, beanies, and a tote bag. We wanted to make sure that anything we printed would do some good in the world and supporting our local volunteer fire department seemed like the perfect thing to do. Gideon joined the Anderson Valley Volunteer Fire Department this year and I’ve learned just how vital these volunteers are to our small, rural and remote community. We’re forever donating $5 from the sale of each item to support the Anderson Valley Volunteer Fire Department. 

Thanks so much for your support - please vote, and we'll be back in touch next month with all our farm has to offer!

What We're Cooking

  • Pimenty Pepitas for Halloween! Have a pumpkin ready to carve or a container of pumpkin seeds in the pantry? Roast them off in the oven and toss them with your favorite Piment d’Ville flavor. It’s the closest we’ve come to being able to share the smell of freshly drying peppers with you from afar. 
  • Warm up with a bowl of Boonville White Bean Chili - This white bean chicken chili will not disappoint. If you don’t have any of our beans on hand, feel free to use the canned kind!
  • Sometimes a bowl of Piment-o Cheese and crackers is everything. No judgement from us!
  • Have a bunch of winter squash on hand? Make sure to season it with Piment d’Ville! The sweetness in the chile will bring out the sweetness of the squash. I never roast squash without it.