That's right. Whole. Dried. Chiles. We have 5 different varieties ready this year, and have plans to expand both in quantity and variety. It's exciting because we've been following Nacho's lead here. These peppers are ones that he's grown in the past mostly for himself and select friends. Both Krissy and I have enjoyed learning, tasting and cooking with Nacho as our inspiration. 

  • Our 2020 harvests are small! Like almost everything we grow on our farm, we save the seeds from the previous years harvest. Selecting for those with the best shape, size, productivity and, of course, taste. We're working this year to scale up, and add new varieties! 
  • The Yahualica is the 'mother' of the Chile de Arbol. Many, if not all of the Arbols we see in the grocery store are a Chinese version of the pepper that is faster and more productive to grow. But for those in the know, the Yahualica's flavor is hard to beat!
  • One of the reasons I'm excited about whole dried chiles is because domestic production of quality peppers is hard to find. Our bags are stamped with not just the year, but with the full date they were harvested. Fresher peppers for more flavor!
  • We've got big plans for these, and we're excited to share them with you first. Tag us with what you're making and let us know what you think!

Ordering Note: Because these chiles are light, but also bulky, it's best to order in quantities of 2, 6 or 10. Odd amounts may result in some ... strangely filled large boxes.

Hoping for Rain!

For better or worse I've discovered the U.S. Drought Monitor, which provides a weekly update of water conditions in the state. As I type this, rain continues to fall, and as I look at our...lackluster irrigation reserves in our pond... we need every last drop. We're exploring some USDA funding to see if we can enhance the water retention capabilities of our pond, but I'd much prefer the rain!

March and April are beautiful times in the Valley, and I encourage you to give us a follow on Instagram to share in the beauty of it with us!

Thanks for being part of our community and let us know how those whole dried chiles taste!

What We're Cooking

  • Our master salsa recipe, developed by Emily Teel, has us experimenting with different combinations of whole chiles to see which ones yield our favorite. We encourage you to do the same!
  • When Krissy told Nacho that she was going to make his wife's mole, there was skepticism, no questions asked. But after meals were shared, we quickly reached consensus that Krissy did a great job with Arcelia's Chicken Mole - its worth taking on!
  • We've also been putting Kuali's Salsa Macha on practically anything we can think of. This Oakland based duo is cooking up a variety of delicious salsas, and we happen to know where some of the chiles are coming from!