Here in Boonville, the chile harvest is in full swing. We’ve already filled the greenhouse full of chiles once and are ready for round two. The beans have all been harvested, threshed, and will soon be packed up. As we now have a better sense of what our harvest yields look like, we’re excited to share we've opened sign-ups for the 2022 Boon Box - our 3-times-a-year delivery of curated goods from our farm!

The Boon Box is a mix between a subscription box and a CSA. You pay for all 3 boxes up front, get chiles from our farm delivered in three boxes, and help support our farm with the funds we need to get the next growing year started. You also get satisfaction for helping a small farm during the time of the year when farming input costs are high! As a “thanks” for your upfront investment, you receive the products at a 10% discount.

The first box of the year ships in early December, followed by March and July.

This year’s subscription will include 7 jars of chile powder, 3 jars of chile flakes, and 3 chile jars of preserves.

We like to include a real mix of chiles in the Boon Box. Subscribers will start with the new 2022 harvest of Classic, Spicy, and Smoky Piment d'Ville, followed by some fan favorites and at least 1 chile powder that we may or may not sell to our larger audience! You'll try our selection of chile preserves (or if we decide to make a new product, we'll make sure you get it first!).

Normally we also include our dry beans but we’re doing things a little different this year.
If you’d like dry beans, you can choose a 1 time add on of 5 pounds of beans for $50. Our bean yields were low this year due to … many different things. This is our best way of making the beans specially available to Boon Box subscribers while allowing for folks who don’t want beans to avoid them! Each add on will have 5 different varieties of beans including some of the new varieties pictured here (Tiger's Eye, Southwest Gold, and Brown and Tan Tepary).
We’ve also set aside a handful of double bean options where you can add 10 pounds of beans. 
Whether you purchase the Boon Box for yourself or for family and friends, we want you to know that each purchase really makes a difference for us. We also know that these boxes are expensive and not for everyone! Do what's best for you.

We’ve sold subscriptions to the Boon Box for the past 2 years and adjust things according to what subscribers think of it. Here's what some of last year's subscribers had to say:

“It is wonderful to have peppers that don't burn my mouth and deliver such different flavor profiles.” 

“I purchased these boxes for multiple friends as Christmas gifts! They all enjoyed them and used everything. It's the perfect gift ever! Thank you!”

“Is it too cliché to say that I love everything that your farm produces? I hope not, because it's true! Boonville spices, dried chiles, beans, and the collaborations are all in high rotation in my kitchen. Thank you for doing what you do, my taste buds appreciate it.”

“I have never ordered a subscription box and was so excited to receive each one… Each box was like a present from my past self and I really enjoyed reading the zine with each. I also was able to try new things. One of the motivators for supporting Boonville is that I love the company values and supporting a small California farm business.”

The Important Details.

  • There are 3 different options this year. Make sure to use the drop down menu on the product listing to pick the correct box.
  • Pay $179.99 once and receive a box in December, March, and July. 
  • Average value of each box is $49
  • Includes chile powders, flakes, and preserves
  • Each box contains a zine full of info about what’s in the box and how to use it, recipes, and stories about the crops and our farm
  • Shipping is included in the overall price
  • Add 5 pounds of beans for $50 and receive them in with the first Boon Box in December

Remember: We are a chile farm! If the idea of receiving upwards of 10 jars of chile powders and flakes throughout the year seems overwhelming, this probably isn’t the right box for you! If it seems like the right amount, then sign up!

We’ve curated the contents of each box to ensure you have the right mix of things throughout the year without overwhelming you with too much Piment d’Ville. We definitely don’t expect you to use the entirety of each box before the next one arrives. The chiles are at their best within a year of when they arrive in your kitchen, but if they are kept out of the sun and heat, they will last a few years. 

Feedback from previous customers indicated that it’s helpful to know what is included in each box to ensure they don’t double purchase items they are already going to receive. We’ve made a note on each product on our website if we plan to include it in the box.

We hope that you're just as excited as we are about the Boon Box. We truly look forward to the days when our office is brimming with these boxes ready to ship out. 

Thanks for supporting our farm!

Krissy, Gideon, and the Boonville Barn Team

one person on tractor and 3 people standing in front of it