The Boon Box

On sale Oct 2024
3 boxes per year

The Boon Box is a curated box of goods from our farm delivered to your door 3 times a year!

This subscription-like box gives you a great selection of what we produce on our farm including trial runs and spices we haven't shared before! We’ve timed the boxes to ensure you have a fresh and ready supply of the chiles we grow without burdening you with too much of the same.

This year, boxes will ship in early December 2023, March 2024, and July 2024. All three boxes plus shipping are included in the one time purchase price. Purchase of the Boon Box is available from Mid-October to December 2.


    Box Type
    What’s Included

    Pay for The Boon Box once and receive 3 shipments of our products in December, March, and July!

    This year’s subscription will include 8 jars of chile powders and flakes, one bag of whole dried chiles, one spice blend, and 3 items made with our chiles!

    Each box will include access to a digital zine featuring information about each product in the box, how to use it, and other information about what's happening on the farm.

    Growing Practices

    Each box is filled with chiles from the 2023 growing season from our farm in Boonville, CA.

    “I have never ordered a subscription box and was so excited to receive each one… Each box was like a present from my past self and I really enjoyed reading the zine with each. I also was able to try new things. One of the motivators for supporting Boonville is that I love the company values and supporting a small California farm business.”

    Boon Box Subscriber

    Gideon and Krissy sending out the first batch of Boon Boxes in 2021


    Sustainable farming practices ensures healthy soil


    Treated with care from seed to jar for fresh flavor


    Woman-owned with a team paid competitive wages


    What’s so special about the chiles you grow?

    Compared to what you find at the grocery store, we think our chiles pack tons more flavor, are harvest dated to share how fresh they are, and are made up of just the chile flesh. That’s right - we de-stem each chile by hand! All chiles we sell are made of 100% CA grown chiles from our farm and do not contain any oils, anti-caking agents, gluten, or any other kind of preservative. 

    Our spices are generally not made from the spiciest peppers you can find. Instead, we focus on flavor-forward varieties to bring both interesting flavors and a bit of heat to your cooking. Sown, grown, and harvested by hand, our small farm works hard year round to bring fresh, flavorful spices to your kitchen.

    What’s the best way to store these chiles?

    Chile powders, flakes, and whole dried chiles will keep their flavor longest if stored in a cool, dry environment away from heat and direct sunlight. If you keep them next to your stove, make sure they stay out of the sun. 

    After opening bulk packs of chile powder, empty the package into the smallest size jar that will hold all of the powder and seal with a tight fitting lid. 

    Dried chiles and powders don’t ever really “go bad” - they just lose their potency and flavor with time. 

    When were these chiles harvested?

    Each chile product is marked by the harvest year either on the sticker closure or on a stamp on the back of the bag. Chiles are harvested each year from September through November.

    Why do the chiles I just bought taste different from what I got last year?

    That’s agriculture! The heat and flavor of our chiles are determined by weather patterns throughout the growing season. If it’s a super hot summer, the chiles will be spicier. If it’s a cooler summer, you can expect the chiles to be more mild in flavor. If you taste the difference from year to year, that means your palette is intune with our growing conditions.

    Can I stop by and purchase things directly from the farm?

    If you are in town visiting and want to pick up some of our chiles, it's easiest if you head to the Farmhouse Mercantile, Disco Ranch, Boonville Hotel, or Anderson Valley Market to make your purchase. 

    If you live in Anderson Valley and want to place an order for pick up, use the code ILIVEHERE at checkout and you won’t be charged for shipping. We will send you an email when your order is ready to be picked up! 

    What is your shipping and return policy?

    Orders are shipped via UPS or USPS. Packages will arrive (generally) in 1-8 days after they ship depending on carrier capacity. Tracking info is emailed on the day the package leaves our office.

    If a package is returned to Boonville Barn as "undeliverable" or "no such number", or for any other reason, the order will be refunded minus the original shipping costs, and any extra shipping costs that have incurred. 

    All orders are packed and shipped from our farm office. If there’s an issue with your order, please take pictures of the packaging/box and reach out to

    We do not accept returns.

    If you have any questions or concerns about an order that you placed, get in touch by replying to your order confirmation email and we will help get it sorted.