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The Boon Box
The Boon Box
The Boon Box
The Boon Box
The Boon Box

The Boon Box

$179.99 Regular price $199.99

The Boon Box will be available for purchase again in October 2023.

The best our farm has to offer - for 10% off retail! 

The Boon Box is a 3 times a year curated box of goods from our farm. It’s the best way to ensure that you are able to receive a great selection of what we produce here, including trial runs and spices we haven't shared before! We’ve timed the boxes to ensure you have a fresh and ready supply of our spices. We won’t overwhelm you with Piment, but instead share the bounty we have to offer!

**The first box ships out in early December**

Keep scrolling to find out what will be included in this year's boxes - it is different than previous years with 3 different options!

The Boon Box.

The Boon Box is delivered to your door 3x a year in December, March and July. Shipping is included in the price of this box. 

With The Boon Box you get...

  • Insider access to all the limited products we grow that aren’t available to folks outside this box - we prioritize your support!
  • New recipes, background history and exclusive content (including some virtual!) about our operation - a true behind the scenes view of our farm.
  • To have a say in what we grow!  As good farmers, we’re always experimenting. We want you to hear what you think about what we’re adding to our lineup and crop plans. We’ll include these small trials, ideas for how to use them, and ask for your feedback!
  • The good feelings associated with helping us prepare! CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) models give farmers the capital they need at the time they need it most. While we don’t grow much fresh produce, this is our attempt at ensuring we’re best prepared for what’s ahead while delivering great tasting products!

    How it works.

    1. Purchase a year's membership once in the fall
    2. The Boon Box gets delivered to your door in December, March and July
    3. Enjoy and engage. We’ll include recipes, product history and invitations to virtual events with your subscription.

    What's inside.

    This year’s subscription will include 7 jars of chile powder, 3 jars of chile flakes, and 3 chile jars of preserves.

    Normally we include our dry beans but we’re doing things a little different this year. If you’d like dry beans, you can choose a 1 time add on of 5 pounds of beans for $50. Our bean yields were low this year due to … many different things. This is our best way of making the beans specially available to Boon Box subscribers while allowing for folks who don’t want beans to avoid them! Each add on will have 5 different varieties of beans. We’ve also set aside a handful of double bean options where you can add 10 pounds of beans. Bean varieties include Sorana, Zolfini, Controne, Peruano, Tolosa, Tepary (Brown and Tan), Tiger's Eye, and Southwest Gold. Use the drop down menu at the top of this page for the product listing to find the versions that include beans.

    We also write and include a zine with each box that has info about what’s in the box and how to use it, recipes, and stories about the crops and our farm.

    Nothing makes us happier than seeing you use what we grow! If you get something that you don’t know how to use, reach out and we’ll help you!


    Do you really do everything on your farm? Yes! We grow, dehydrate, grind, and package all of what we sell on our farm on the outskirts of Boonville in the Anderson Valley - 100 miles north of San Francisco. We can chat later about the imported spice industry, but your subscription supports a California farm, California residents and families, and we thank you for it! We do get help from a co-packer who makes our chile preserves for us at their facility in Petaluma.

    Can I send this as a gift? Sure can! Just put the recipient's address in the “ship to” field and a gift note if you’d like us to include one!

    Can I cancel my subscription? Unfortunately, no. We’ve already invested the proceeds from your purchase back into our people and our farm. However, if you’re overwhelmed with delicious products and can think of someone else who might enjoy, we’ll happily reroute your package and include a gift note!

    I don’t get it. $179.99 every 4 months? Nope! With this model, you pay just once and we’ll deliver 3 times a year. The cost of shipping is included in the box price. It’s easy and 10% off retail! 

    What happens after I receive my 3rd box? We’ll send you an email and invitation to re-up your membership. Since we want to ensure that everyone who subscribes to the Boon Box receives trial/limited quantity products, we’ve limited the number of subscribers. Priority goes to those who are already in the club. 

    I moved and I need to change my shipping address! Send us a message at and we will update your shipping address. 

    The box is sold out, but I want to subscribe! The best thing to do is to sign up for our newsletter. If quantities allow, we may sell additional boxes without the full subscription. The number of subscriptions we sell is dependent on what we have harvested and there's some crops that just don't produce too much!

    I’ve got a different question. Check out our About Us page, and if we still haven’t answered your question, shoot us an email at and Gideon or Krissy will get back to you in a snap!