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Piment d'Ville Bulk Pack
Piment d'Ville Bulk Pack

Piment d'Ville Bulk Pack


Bulk options of all 3 varieties of our California grown Espelette pepper

Flavor Profile.


  • Mild heat ~ a little sweet and a little spicy ~ tomato-y
  • Use like: black pepper, Piment d'Espelette, paprika, Aleppo pepper, your new go-to spice


  • Notes: Medium heat ~ more heat than sweet ~ bright
  • Use like: a gentle cayenne


  • Notes: Mild heat ~ sweet and smoky ~ fruity
  • Use like: Smoked paprika

100% pure California Grown Espelette Pepper

Farm to jar chile powder from the 2021 harvest.

  • Farmed with organic growing practices and sun ripened throughout the season, these chiles were hand harvested from September - November 2021
  • The flagship chile from the Boonville Barn Collective that started it all
  • Store in a sealed jar in a cool place out of the sun and heat to retain maximum flavor and freshness

Size: 3oz or 8oz vacuum pack of Classic, Smoky, or Spicy California grown Espelette chile powder

Grown in Boonville, CA on our small, woman-owned farm.